Meditation Talk - 04 August 2016 - Morning

Coming To Know How Precious Our Human Life Is

SAINTS HAVE ADOPTED three measures for salvation — Satsang, surrender to the Masters, and seva. When we go to Satsang, we come to know what is reality and otherwise. We are awakened in the Satsang. In the Satsang, Saints do not talk and explain the Scriptures and Vedas and Puranas. They simply tell us about the history of our own soul. They explain how the soul has come from the God Almighty and, coming into this world, how it has got entangled in Maya and Kal, and how it has to get free from the bondage of Kal and Maya and go back to its True Home and to its True Father.

So, this reality is told to us in Satsang and we come to know of that. And, once we understand that and we imbibe that, then we try to work towards getting out of this. We get cautioned and we get awakened in Satsang. We come to know how precious our human life is. And we come to know how many treasures God Almighty has kept in our body, and how we have to go within.

So, when we come to know of all of this, then we surrender to the Masters. And then the Master takes over our responsibility and He initiates us. So, then He explains in the initiation how we have to go back and what are the practices we have to do. Now, once that is done, it is our duty to follow those practices and do what has been told to us by our Master.

The third measure is seva. So, once we have listened to the Satsang, we have gone to the Master, one very important vice that we all have is the ego. We have our egos with us. And, when we go to the Masters, when we go to the ashram, we do seva there. And that seva is given to us so that we shed our ego. It is this very ego that makes us come again and again into this world and makes us take rounds in these 8.4 million life forms. So, this ego then gets vanquished by Satsang, by practice of Dhyan and Simran and seva, and once, when we go within, we realize that all this is being done by Someone Else. It is not we who have done all this.

So, we should do all of these repeatedly every day. We should sit for Satsang every day and we should do our Simran and Dhyan Bhajan every day. Because these two things are our true work, which we have to do for ourselves, everything else that we do throughout the day is work for someone else. Therefore, we should not ignore this. We should do our meditation. We should do our Simran and Dhyan Bhajan every day. Every day, in our timetable, we should make sure that we set our priority of doing this first thing in the morning, and then all other work should follow after we set aside this time for meditation, Dhyan Bhajan.

So, this morning time is very good. Our mind is quiet and quiet mind is good for meditation. So, we should make the most of this time, close our eyes, and get connected with Simran and Dhyan.