Meditation Talk 04 August 2015 – Afternoon

Death Of A Devotee — Shredding A Jute Cloth, Putting On A Silk Cloth

THOSE WHO FOLLOW the instructions of the Master and sit for meditation for at least two to two and a half hours every day, such people, at the time of their death, are as happy as a young man when he is getting married.

There was a young lady who had taken Naam from Sant Ji. And she was a very innocent lady. When she was passing away, she started getting all the glimpses inside. She could see within. So, she saw Sant Ji, the Radiant Form of Sant Ji, within. And she told everyone that, “I can see Him inside, and I am going to go with Him.”

She had a young son who was unmarried, and he was very upset that she was passing away. So, he was telling her that, “What will happen to me now, if you are going?”

She told him that, “Now you take care of yourself. My duty here is over.”

Sant Ji would often say that at the time of death, for those people who meditate, there is so much happiness. It is like shedding off a jute cloth and putting on a silk cloth. So, there is no happiness more than the happiness of going back in the arms of the Master and God Almighty.

For those who have not meditated, but have not lost faith in the Master and they have been listening to Satsang, even for such people, the Masters come at the time of their death. However, the bliss and enjoyment and happiness, which a devotee who is meditating regularly enjoys, is not as much enjoyed by these people because these people have not meditated, have not redeemed their karmas, and are not in a position to enjoy and get the benefit of that bliss as much. However, Masters are very graceful and They take the soul, and then keep the soul in the Sahasdal Kamal.

Also, the devotees who may not have meditated for two, two and a half hours, but have been meditating regularly, even for a shorter period of say an hour or so, and they have love and affection and devotion for the Master, the Master comes to take them also. And He keeps them in the Par Brahm, at the Mukhti Pad, the place of liberation. Where the devotees love their Master, and there are affection and devotion for the Master, and there is no attachment for any worldly matters and no further desires, the Master takes such souls, and even takes them straight to Sach Khand.

It is only the love of worldly things, worldly desires, which stop the soul from going all the way to Sach Khand. So then, they have to wait at the planes in-between and complete their devotion.

Therefore, with a lot of Grace, we have got the human life and this is the door of liberation. It is in this life form that we have the chance of getting liberated and getting out of the clutches of Kal and the ocean of life. So we should, therefore, withdraw from our worldly desires and get our love and affection focused on the Feet of the Master and get liberated in this life and go back to our True Home.

So, the time is good and the ambiance is quiet. We should use this time to close our eyes and do our Simran and Bhajan.