Meditation Talk - 04 August 2015 - Morning

Only By The Grace Of Som-Ajaib Is The Seva Done

I BOW TO THE FEET my Masters Som-Ajaib, Who graced this poor, unclean soul, and made it fit to do seva.

The soul has a lot of deeds and karmas cast on it. And this burden of karmas is of not only one life, but of several hundreds and thousands of previous lifetimes. All these karmas are a burden on the mind in this life.

I was not fit for the Grace. But, nevertheless, Som-Ajaib have graced me. For three years, Baba Somanath Ji graced me. And there, during the first one and a half years, when I was doing the duty while doing Simran, my soul started ascending upwards and I got a lot of Grace in this duty. Despite this progress within, after I had done about five years of duty of managing the Betta Ashram at Pahad, while doing that management certain circumstances did happen, which affected my personal life and even my spiritual life.

But, after that, it was Ajaib Singh Ji Who held my hand. So, He held my hand and He brought me back on the Path. And once, in Mumbai, during the program He told me that, “Whatever I am doing, I am doing a duty for the devotees of Somanath Ji Maharaj and, for that, you also have to go back to Andhra and stay there. The saplings, which Baba Ji has planted, you have to go and water those.”

So, He showered limitless Grace on me. He helped me outwardly. He helped me monetarily. He helped me spiritually. He brought me back on this Path and He made this poor soul fit for this Seva. So, it is only by the Grace of Som-Ajaib that I am present here and I'm doing a little bit of this talking on Sant Mat to you.

Saints have limitless Grace and They come to shower Grace. They are never short of Grace. It is only we people who should make ourselves fit for receiving that Grace. It is our extremely good fortune that the Masters have graced us. They have given us initiation, and They have connected our soul with the Shabd inside. And They are sitting inside at the Eye Center. So, like They have instructed us, we should also do our Simran and Bhajan regularly and, that way, we will also be able to redeem some of our karmas. And, if we do so, then we will definitely get the Grace of the Masters.

So, it is early morning and we have just woken up. Our mind is fresh and a fresh mind and a quiet mind is convenient for meditation. So, let us use this time and close our eyes and do our Simran and Bhajan.