Meditation Talk - 03 Jan 2017- Morning

This Human Life Form Is The Most Precious Life Form Amongst All The Creations

SANT JI WOULD OFTEN MENTION in His Satsangs, “You should leave a hundred things and sit for Satsang, and leave a thousand things and sit for meditation.” Because this is our true work. It is the work that has been entrusted to us for being given a human life form. Because, in other life forms, we have been taking care of families, like we do now. But the only thing that we cannot do in other life forms is the devotion of God Almighty.

When we are going through the chaurasi, and we are suffering, and we are pleading to God Almighty, He graces us by giving us this small period of time as a human being. And that is given as a gift, or a Grace, of God Almighty.

This human life form is the most precious life form amongst all the Creations. And it is a very precious period and time that is given to us. In this life form, we are able to get ourselves elevated from a human to God, and the entire Creation that God has created, He has kept within this human life form. But, if we use this life form and we get scattered in our attachments with the world, and we waste this precious opportunity, the only thing that is left with us at the time of death is repentance, because all these attachments that we are currently pursuing are all attached with the body, and they will be left behind with the body.

The only attachment that we have with God Almighty is the devotion and the Masters because it is only our Master Who takes on this responsibility of taking us back to our True Home and God Almighty. And He holds our hand and He guides us back to God Almighty, and He doesn't leave it till He has left us rested with God Almighty.

At the time of death, all our beloved ones, all our attachments, everything that we have here, bid us, “Adieu.” They leave us here. It is only our Master Who, at that very difficult moment, comes and He gives us His        Darshan and He showers His Grace within. The Masters Who have given you initiation, all the Masters Who have given initiation, will come and definitely grace Their initiate and take that soul.

Therefore, we should have our love and devotion at the Feet of our Master. And, every day, we should listen to Satsang. And, every day, we should spend time doing our meditation. Just like we take out time for all our worldly activities, we should also, necessarily, take out time and set our timetable for sitting for the devotion of God Almighty, for doing meditation.

So, it is morning time and this is a good time. Our mind is quiet, and a quiet mind is good for meditation. We should make the most of this time, close our eyes, and sit for meditation.