Meditation Talk - 03 Jan 2017 - Afternoon

The Human Body Is The Special Form, The Door To Salvation

ALL SAINTS HAVE TALKED about the greatness of this human form. Rishis and munis have also called this "the body of the man and God." This is the pinnacle of all the 8.4 million life forms that are there. So, all the Saints have talked about the greatness of this human body. And after crores of lives, one gets the benefit of coming into this life form. This has a specialty, which is not in any of the other life forms. The God Almighty has put His whole Kingdom within this life form and has sat within. God Almighty has kept sixteen planes within this life form, and He has kept thirty-threecrore gods and goddesses within this life form. And all the lords of all the sixteen planes are also sitting in this life form.

Someone once asked Tulsi Sahib, "How can so many planes be kept within this human body? And, while meditating, is it that we break something above in the head, and we go above and go to these higher planes?" This was asked by a favorite disciple, a good disciple of Tulsi Sahib. Hriday, his name was.

So, Tulsi Sahib said, "No, everything is contained within. It is from the temple upwards. All the other planes are above the Eye Center."

So, even Sheikh Taqi was told by Tulsi Sahib, "It is in these four inches of the forehead and above, that all of these planes are contained."

So, our soul does not go outside. It is within all of this. So, Tulsi Sahib has said, "If there is a sesame seed within, it is the sesame seed of that Third Eye with which you see. And, when you see beyond this Third Eye, you see beyond the sesame seed, then you will see all these sixteen planes."

So, once we reach that Third Eye, or that sesame seed, then with the Grace of the Master, the Jyoti is manifested; that is, the soul and its Light and the Sound Current are manifested. And on this Sound and this Light, the soul goes upwards. So, both these things are very necessary and essential.

And earlier, when initiates were given initiation, Baba Ji used to ask them, "If, in the night we are in a dense forest, and there is complete darkness, then what will we do if we have to find our way?" So, during this initiation, He would ask this question to the disciples, and then He would explain, "If you are in a dense forest, and it's dark, and you are unable to see, then what you should do is, you should first sit quietly and try to listen. Listen for any sound of a dog barking, or some children shouting, or some radio somewhere, or some noise of that sort. And, if you hear that, then you know that in that direction there is a village or there is a town or a settlement in that direction."

So, that direction is established by the sound. You know from the sound that you have to go in that direction. And it is not enough only to know the direction, because on the way there may be a crevice, there may be uneven terrain, there may be a snake or scorpion. There could be so many other things, which could hurt you. So then, what you do is, you take help of some light, some torch, or some other light, which can illuminate the path so that you do not fall on the way and do not hurt yourself.

So, two things are essential. One is the sound, which shows you direction. And second is the light, which illuminates the way. So, to go within also you need these two things. You need the Sound, and you need Light to go upwards.

So, on this Path of Spirituality also, you need these two things. You need Sound, and you need Light. So, the Sound takes you in the correct direction. And, with the Light, you see with illumination. You see the plane around you, and the Sound guides you.

So, God Almighty in this human form has kept all these sixteen planes. He has kept this Path so that the soul is guided back to Him. And He has kept the means to come there also so that the soul can come and meet Him. And He is sitting there within, within the human form.

So, the human body, or the human form, is the Door of Salvation. In these 8.4 million life forms, this is the only door available to us for salvation, for going and meeting God Almighty.

Otherwise, if we miss this door, miss this opportunity, then we go back into that world, into the ocean of this world, and again, go into the cycle of life and death. So, once you miss this door, then you go back into that 8.4 million life forms. You become a tree or a plant somewhere. After that, you become an insect, then a bird, and then an animal, and so on and so forth. You keep getting promoted over a period of long years. So, after crores of lives you have got this wonderful human form and, with the Grace of God Almighty, you have got the company of the Masters Who have shown you the way.

Both these things are available today to you. So, we should make the most of this opportunity. And we should take this opportunity of getting out of this ocean of this world, of this sorrow, and all these life forms, and get salvation in this life itself.

So, this time is good. We should make the most of this time. It is quiet. We should sit, close our eyes, and sit for our Simran and Dhyan.