Meditation Talk - 03 Jan 2017- Morning

The Mind Becomes Pure Through The Connection With The Shabd

SAINTS AND MAHATMAS ALWAYS TALK about focusing our attention at the Third Eye. Currently, our attention is focused outwardly towards the worldly things and worldly matters. By doing Simran and by contemplating the Form of the Master within at the Eye Center, we gradually bring this attention and focus it within, and make it steady there. This is a very gradual process because this habit of our outwardly focus is not of this lifetime alone. It is of crores and millions of lifetimes before this. So, by doing this, it takes time, and it is a gradual process; but, one get’s success in this by having devotion and faith in the Master, and by doing continuous practice.

This is all based on our love and devotion and affection of the Master. The more we focus at His Lotus Feet, and the more we have love and affection for the Master, the faster we shall be successful.

So, currently, our mind is focused outward. By doing the SimranDhyan and focusing within, we get to know the Reality, and we start focusing more and more at the back of the Eye Center.

But the true transformation takes place when we manifest the Naam and the Form of the Master within at the back of the Eye Center because, once we see the Master within, then our faith becomes absolute. And when we hear the Sound, the Shabd within, then our mind, which has been spoiled for so many years, gets attuned within.

The mind likes all these niceties, and it's looking at all of these outwardly. But what is the best thing, the sweetest and most enjoyable thing, is the Shabd within. And, once the mind gets in touch with that Shabd, it gets completely intoxicated there. So, once the mind gets connected with the Shabd, it becomes pure, it becomes sublime, and it realizes its reality, that it is part of the Brahm and not this body, and it gets ready to go upwards.

As long as it is not connected with the Shabd inside, it keeps disturbing and opposing you. The mind, once it gets in touch with the Shabd, it gets intoxicated there.

It is said that, by thousands and crores of other practices, the mind will not get attuned, and it will keep opposing you so long as it doesn't get this enjoyment of the Shabd within.

So, the mind, which is the enemy of the soul today, and doesn't allow it to practice and go within, becomes the greatest friend of the soul once it gets intoxicated with the Shabd. And then, the two of them rise within and go to the Brahm where, in the Brahm, the mind merges with the Brahm, and the soul gets free of the bondage of the mind and goes upwards.

So, continuously, we should do our Simran. And the more we have affection and love for the Master; we will be successful that much faster.

So, it is morning time. Our mind is fresh, and it is quiet. A quiet mind is good for meditation. We should make the most of this time and sit for our Simran and Dhyan Bhajan.