Meditation Talk 03 August 2017– Afternoon

Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj Arranges For His Grandfather’s             Reincarnation

SAINTS HAVE BEEN COMING into this world conventionally sent by God Almighty. They’re His beloved souls and He sends Them periodically into this world. The Saints have come in the form of Kabir Sahib, Guru Nanak Sahib, and the other Saints because souls have been misled by other learned people or other forces of Kal who have been misleading, either to do deity worship or to worship trees, or other forms of nature.

It is ordained that as we desire in our next life we will be following that desire. So, if we pray to deities and we pray to stones or we pray to other such things, then in the next life we will come in that form. Likewise, if people pray to trees and people idolize trees, in their next birth they will take the form of a tree. Or if they have been devoted to pilgrimages, they have been going and following pilgrimages, then in the next life, such people are born in those pilgrimages. Depending on their karmas, they are born either as a toad, or a crocodile, or any such thing around that pilgrimage.

Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj had spent a long time trying to search for the True Master. He had spent more than ten to twelve years. And, finally, he went to Swami Ji Maharaj. After being initiated, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj wanted to continue to stay in the ashram and do seva there. But when he requested Swami Ji Maharaj, Swami Ji Maharaj lovingly told him, "You should not stay in the ashram. You should go back and there you should have your own livelihood. And then, while having your livelihood you should do your meditation.

He had earlier been wandering from place to place in search of a True Master. So after he had been initiated, and when he left the ashram he joined the Indian army. And in the army, he used to work there and perform his duties and do his meditation in the night. So, that way, after the nearly ten years that he had moved away from home, and then after he had been initiated and after he had joined the Army, it was nearly about thirteen, fourteen years when he returned home.

So, when he returned, his mother was aged and she was not keeping well and she was toward the end of her life. And Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj asked her as to what her desire was. Now, his mother had this routine of going every six months to this pilgrimage, to Haridwar, and visit the Ganges there. So, she used to do this every six months. But, because she was unwell and she was not able to walk about on her own, nobody had taken or helped her go there. So then, Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj accompanied her and he helped her to go there to fulfill that desire and then she went there to take a dip in the Ganges. He left her there and sat below a tree meditating.

When he sat below that tree in meditation and when he was contemplating within, he realized that this tree below which he was sitting was none other than his grandfather. And He was quite shocked because his grandfather also used to come to this pilgrimage. So, he climbed that tree and he took out some fresh leaves of that tree and he chewed those leaves. And that tree then withered away. He got his grandfather to be born again as a human being. When one leaves the form of a tree, he usually progresses to higher levels of animals and it takes a while for him to progress to a human form. But Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj gave him a human birth because only from a human birth can you get salvation.

It is gross ignorance that we do this worshiping of all of these forms, which are below the human form. We are initially born as a stone, and then from there on we progress as trees, insects, animals and, over a period of time, we get the grace of a human form. So, in this form when we start worshiping all those lower forms of life, it is actually reversing our entire progress of what has taken us to get here. Masters, therefore, come to awaken us and tell us that this human form is the penultimate stage of creation. It is the stage, or the door, of salvation. It is only in this form that you can do devotion and you can get salvation, which you cannot do in any other life form.

Therefore, Saints come periodically from time to time to awaken the souls and make them aware of what reality is. This is a very precious opportunity that has been given to you as a human being. And this opportunity now has been given for you to do your devotion and get out of this ocean of life. So, we should have mercy on our soul and we should spend time and, with love and affection, do our meditation, do our Simran and Bhajan because we, otherwise, are lost in our desires of this same world and all our relationships here. And it is only because of these desires that we have to keep coming back into this sorrowful ocean of life. So, it is important for us to do meditation in this life and get our salvation.

So this time is very good and we should make the most of this time. We should close her eyes and sit for our meditation.