Meditation Talk - 03 August 2017- Morning

In True Devotion, The Heart Is Always Yearning For The Feet Of The Master

SAINTS HAVE PRAISED the true devotion. They say that there is a lot of difference between true devotion and outwardly appearances where people adorn saffron clothes or they leave homes and they try to go outside and do some outward practices. So, the difference between true devotion and such outwardly adornment or show is like the difference between the sky and earth. The difference is that, for true devotion in the heart, the soul is always yearning for the Feet of the Master or God Almighty. But, for the outward adornments, everyone is following all worldly desires.

‘Outwardly adornments’ believe that God is somewhere in the sky, somewhere distant, and they try to pursue outwardly. Whereas, in true devotion, one believes that God Almighty resides within. So, for true devotion, one should have the Naam at heart and the Teachings of the Master at heart, and he should continuously be lost in that devotion. For him, staying in the house or outside does not matter.

If, on the other hand, we outwardly sacrifice and leave our homes for pursuing God Almighty outside but the desires of the world surround us, then in the end, we will be following our desires. So, we will come back into this world where our desires will be drawing us.

On the other hand, if we are living our livelihood, whatever business or profession, or income, whatever we are doing as our routine duties, we are taking care of our families, but in our heart we have our devotion at the Feet of the Master and for God Almighty, then at the end we will be going to where our inward desire draws us, which is God Almighty and the Feet of the Master.

If we look into the life of Guru Nanak Sahib, He was staying in Kartarpur and He used to do agriculture. And He also had two children, so He also lived in a family. Likewise, if we look into the life of Kabir Sahib, He also would weave saaris, He would weave silk, and He also had two sons. So, both of them, if we look into Their lives, They lived within Their families but in Their heart, They had the devotion of God Almighty.

When we have this true devotion in our heart, we do Simran and we follow the Teachings of the Master then, automatically, we bring about a transformation. The Simran that we do cuts off the karmas that we have brought along with us and gradually, with reduction or redemption of these karmas, our mind becomes pure. And as the mind becomes pure, we are able to focus better within and do more devotion.

Sant Mat is a path of self-actualization. It is a path of improving one's self. It is not about pointing out to others and trying to take care of their vices. It is about improving our own vices. When we listen to Satsangs, we come to know about our shortcomings. And, one-by-one, we should try to leave these shortcomings.

In Sant Mat, in Satsangs, one does not listen to the recitals of holy Scriptures, Vedas, or Puranas. One gets to understand the Teachings of the Soul, the learning of the soul itself, as to where the soul has come and the awakening of the soul.

For good devotion, we need to clean our own vessel and our own mind. And that cleansing is done by continuous recital of the Naam that has been given by the Masters.

So, the atmosphere is good and we should make the most of it. We should close our eyes and sit for meditation.