Meditation Talk 03 August 2016 – Afternoon

The Two Types Of Saints And The Twenty-Five Percent Of Jivas Who Wish To Return

BEFORE THIS CREATION came into being, Niranjan did penance and asked for the jivas. So, God Almighty asked the jivas, “Niranjan has created these three worlds. Would you like to go there?” Almost seventy-five percent of the jivas agreed to go there by their own will, and about twenty-five percent of the jivas said that they would not like to go. But, God Almighty convinced them to go and said, “He has created these three worlds. You should go there and, whenever you feel like coming back and you strongly feel like coming back to Me, I will come Myself to fetch you. So, if you are suffering and you remember Me, then I will come Myself to fetch you.”

So, once the jivas came, they were encased in the body and mind. And that's how they came to remain here. And, whenever they felt their suffering and they asked for deliverance to go back to God Almighty, God Almighty sent His loving Sons, Who were there below Sach Khand, to go and fetch these souls back. Because Sach Khand is a place of immortality, when the jivas go back to Sach Khand then they never come back here. So, God Almighty sends those jivas, who are residing around the Maha Sunn or the Bhanwar Gupha. And these are His loving Sons whom He sends to fetch the souls back. So these pure Souls Who come down to fetch the other souls, They are sent to be the avatars of God Almighty. So, God Almighty keeps sending such pure Souls, His loving Sons, from time to time, to fetch the other souls back to Him.

Kabir Sahib also says, “If the Saints were not there, then this whole world would have burned. It is only because of the power of Sat, which is there with the Saints, that this world is going on.”

There are two types of Saints. There are Saints Who have been to Sach Khand, but then They have not been given the orders by God Almighty and Their Masters to open up and bring the others. So, They remain hidden. People don’t know about these Saints. And the other Saints, are Saints whose Masters have asked Them to fetch the other souls. So, these Saints are given the orders by Their Masters to go and fetch the other souls and to awaken the other souls, and bring them back. So, They come here and They do Satsang. They give initiation and take the other souls back. And the other type of Saints, Who have not been ordered to do this, They are happy in the Will of God and, though They go to Sach Khand-Sat Lok, They are, otherwise, fully evolved. They do not have the orders of the Masters to take any other souls and They are happy in that Will. They do not practice Satsangs and They do not initiate many people. When They pass away, They perhaps initiate one disciple who carries on after them.

Therefore, Saints are always there in this world. There are Saints Who do the practices outside, and outwardly everyone knows Them. And there are those Saints Who remain hidden, and They continue in the Will of God. So, the Saints are always there in this world.

So, it is those twenty-five percent of the jivas who were not agreeable at the first instance to come into this world; it is those souls from those twenty-five percent who want to go back. And, it is these souls who are being awakened by the Saints and then taken back to God Almighty. The other seventy-five percent who have come with their own will, they do not understand the Teachings of the Saints, and they continue to follow the pursuits of their mind and their desires and all the outwardly goods that are there. And they keep increasing their karmas here.

We are, indeed, fortunate to have gotten this human birth. And, in this human birth, we are extremely fortunate to get the company of the Masters. And it is said that those who come in the company of the Masters, their account is taken care of, their travel back and forth into this world is closed, their chapter is closed here. And they will go back to God Almighty.

So the time is good. We should make good use of this time, close our eyes and sit for our Simran and Dhyan.