Meditation Talk - 03 August 2016 - Morning

The Sound Currents Of Das Vidhi Nad, Anahad Shabd, Sar Shabd, And Sat Shabd

AFTER GOOD DEEDS of crores of lives, we get this human birth. And, with the Grace of God Almighty, we get the company of the Masters. For the souls that God Almighty wants to bring to Himself, such souls, He brings them in the company of the Masters. Saints are always connected through the Sound Current with the God Almighty. And They also connect Their devotees through the Sound Current and send them via the Sound Current to God Almighty.

The ladder on the Path of Sant Mat to go back to God Almighty is all a manifestation of different Sound Currents. All these Sound Currents are connected. So, the first Sound Current connects to the second Sound Current, and the second Sound Current connects to the third. So, the souls go on this Sound Current with the Grace of their Master and travel upwards to God Almighty.

There are four Sound Currents. The Sound Currents from the toes to the forehead are called Das Vidhi Nad. And from the back of the Eye Center up to Brahm, the Sound Current is called Anahad. And from the Par Brahm to God Almighty the Shabd is called Sar Shabd. And the Sound Current in Sat Lok-Sach Khand is called Sat Shabd. That way, all the Sound Currents are resonating within our body.

The Sound Current emanating from God Almighty is only One. Because it is passing through several planes, it sounds different, but it is the same singular Sound Current that emanates from God Almighty. Like the water flowing down a hill, where the water falls on a rock, it makes a different sound. If it falls on a tree, it makes a different sound. If water falls on water, then it makes a different sound.

So, the Sat Shabd that emanates from God Almighty, from Sach Khand-Sat Lok, it is the same, only it traverses through different planes and it sounds different in the different planes.

When we close our eyes and we listen to the Sound within, these are the Das Vidhi Nad, which are the Sound Currents of the six chakras in the body below the Eye Center. These are the six chakras of different gods and goddesses. And there are twenty different sounding Sound Currents emanating from these chakras. We should listen carefully to these Sound Currents and, as we progress within, these Sound Currents connect to the Anahad, to the Sound, resonating at the back of the Eye Center. These Das Vidhi Nad, these twenty Sound Currents, which are below the Eye Center, do not have the power to pull the soul and do not have the power to still the mind. When we focus at the back of the Eye Center and the Anahad Shabd manifests, that is the Sound Current of the conch and the bell. That Sound Current has the power of pulling the soul upwards and holding the mind still.

So, we should listen to these Sound Currents. However, in our practice, we should focus more on Simran and Dhyan. That is, contemplating on the Form of the Master and repeating our Naam, which has been given to us. Because it is only because of Simran that we will be able to go up within at the back of the Eye Center and leave all of our body behind.

So, initially, these Sound Currents will not pull us up. It is this Simran and Dhyan that we should all be focusing on. So, we should not leave our Simran and Dhyan and focus only on these Sound Currents, which we hear within. Because, until we do the Simran and Dhyan and we purify our mind, the Anahad Shabd, or the Sound Current at the back of the Eye Center, will not manifest. And, till such time, we will not be able to go within. That Anahad Shabd is resonating even today at the back of the Eye Center. But, because our mind is impure, we are unable to hear that Sound.

So, as we cleanse our mind by doing Simran and Dhyan, then we will slowly start listening to that Sound Current. That is why, during initiation, you are told to do two and a half hours of meditation, where we focus on Simran and the contemplation of the Form of the Master within, and for about twenty minutes to half an hour, to listen to the Sound Currents within.

So this morning time is good. We should make the most of this time. And the mind is quiet and a quiet mind is good for meditation. So, we should close our eyes and get connected to Simran and Dhyan.