Meditation Talk 03 August 2015– Afternoon

With Devotion, The Lord Also Fulfills Our Worldly Desires

SAINTS HAVE EMPHASIZED the importance of Naam and Simran. Simran has also been done by other great Mahatmas like Dhruva and Prahlada at a very young age, and Their names have become immortal because of Simran. The credit of Dhruva's Simran goes to his mother. She was the first wife of the king there. And there was conflict between her and the other wife of that king. So, she was pregnant and she felt that, instead of having this animosity day in and day out, it is better that I go outside and pray to God Almighty. So, she left the kingdom and went out to a nearby forest and was staying in a hutment. And she used to spend a lot of time in the remembrance of the Almighty.

Dhruva was born in that jungle and he was brought up there. When he was about five years old, he asked his mother as to who his father was. So, she told him that, “That kingdom, which you can see from here, that king of that kingdom is your father.” So, he felt like meeting his father.

One day, after playing, he went there, and when he reached the palace, his father was also alone and sitting on the throne. And his father recognized him as Dhruva, and then he picked him up and started playing with him.

While he was doing this, the younger wife came there and that queen got jealous, thinking that he is playing with the son of the elder queen. Perhaps he may even give his kingdom as an inheritance to this boy. So, while Dhruva was playing on the lap of his father, she held his hand and pulled him away from the king. And she told him that, “Look, if you wanted the right to play with the king, you should have been born in my womb.”

This upset Dhruva very much. He was very unhappy and crying, he returned to his mother. And there he asked her that, “Mother, are you really a queen, or are you a maid in the palace?”

The mother now felt, “If I start explaining all this to this boy, it will be like God's Gospel. So, I have to instill the seeds of devotion into this boy.” And she wanted him to follow the Path of Spirituality. She told him that, “Look, I am definitely the queen, but because of my earlier birth and the karmas that I did then, perhaps I have not got the benefit of being a queen. And I have not had the pleasure of being a queen.”

So, Dhruva asked her, “Then what happens? How will I get the kingdom?” The mother told him that, “What will you do with this kind of a kingdom? It's going to be there only for a few days. You should follow the Spiritual Path and get an immortal kingdom.”

So, Dhruva very much took to the words of his mother. And he said, “Okay, then I will follow the Almighty. I will try to get an immortal kingdom from the Almighty Himself.” Dhruva then left into the jungle for penance. And he started walking in search of the Almighty.

This news reached the king and the king quickly went to see if he could dissuade Dhruva from going and following this severe austerity in the jungle. So, he went, and while Dhruva was walking in the jungle, he met him and he told him that, “Don't do this. It is very dangerous in the jungle. This penance is very difficult and dangerous.” The king told him that, “Look, there are so many tigers and leopards here. It is unsafe to go in the jungle like this and do this penance.”

But Dhruva was determined to do this. He said, “No, I will search for Narayan, or Lord, and I will do this.”

The king felt very bad for this. And he made an offer to Dhruva that, “Look, I will give you half my kingdom. Come back with me.”

Dhruva said, “No, I don't want your kingdom. I am going to go and I will meet the Almighty and get an immortal kingdom for myself.”

So, despite several attempts by the king to dissuade him, Dhruva continued on the path and the king then went back. While he was going then, the divine sage Narad, who was an astute devotee of Lord Vishnu, manifested and met Dhruva. He gave him initiation to do the correct meditation on Narayan, or Lord Vishnu.

With this initiation, Dhruva stood on one foot below a large banyan tree and meditated for a very long time. And, happy with his devotion, the LordNarayan manifested. So, Narayan asked him that, “What do you want? I'm very happy with your penance.”

He said, “I want an immortal kingdom.” Narayan told him that, “Look, you are destined to rule this kingdom of your father for a while. So, you first do that. You complete that fate which you have, and after that, I will give you an immortal kingdom.”

So Dhruva, accordingly, followed the instruction of the Lord and he went back to rule for a long time his father's kingdom. And, after his death, he was granted an immortal kingdom by the Lord.

Today also, there is a constellation called ‘Dhruva’, which is the ruling constellation in the skies.

So, with our meditation and Simran, the Almighty also fulfills our worldly desires. So, we should make the most of this good time that we have. The atmosphere is quiet and we should close our eyes and do our Simran and Dhyan.