Meditation Talk - 03 August 2015- Morning

We Must Take Our Attachment Away From Worldly Matters

MAHARAJ JI* USED TO OFTEN SAY in Satsangs that God Almighty is a form of Love and the soul is also a form of Love. And the Path to meet the God Almighty by the soul is also a Path of Love. That same Love today is manifested in outwardly, worldly matters. If that same Love is inwardly drawn, and that Love is placed at the Feet of the Master and the Shabd, then our work is done.

*Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

There is only one Love, so you can apply that Love to worldly matters, or you apply that Love to the Feet of the Masters. But Mahatmas say that you have to do both the things. You have to manage your worldly affairs and you also have to do your Bhajan Simran. And how are you to do it? Masters have always been saying that in the Satsangs.

Our attachment to the world and matter is only for a few days. Through Satsangs, Masters teach us how to withdraw that attention and keep our attention focused at the Feet of the Master and in the meditation, in Simran. Masters also have had families and, despite Their families, They have become Mahatmas and met the Almighty within.

Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj was a householder. And, likewise, Kabir Sahib Ji and Guru Nanak Ji were also householders. But They had withdrawn that same affection from worldly matters and had kept it at the Feet of Their Masters. And They were performing Their duties and worldly affairs by manifesting the Guru within Themselves.

By interacting as if we are belonging to the Guru when we interact in our worldly matters, then the Master also helps us in worldly matters as well. This way, our worldly affairs also get done and we progress on our Spiritual Path as well, and we continue to get the Grace of the Masters. So, this way, if we everyday do our Bhajan Simran and have love and affection at the Feet of the Master, our work will be done and we will get success on the Spiritual Path.

Mahatmas don't tell us to become a recluse and stay in the jungles and take those kinds of austerity measures. They say that you can stay in your houses and still attain and meet your spiritual goal. This way, we perform our duties and complete our worldly requirements. And, at the time of our death, the Master comes to take us, the Shabd comes to take us, upwards.

So, when the Guru comes at the time of death, He doesn't allow the Lord of Death to come. He comes Himself to take the soul. And then, depending on how strongly we are attached to worldly matters, He takes us inside.

So, if there is no attachment to worldly matters at the time of death, then He even takes us straight to Sach Khand. The devotion that has been shown to us, the devotion that we should do, is a very simple thing. But we have to take our attachment away from worldly matters and place it at the Feet of the Masters. That’s a bit difficult. And, because of these kinds of attachments, we are unable to put or have that devotion at the Feet of the Masters. And that is why we sometimes remain unsuccessful in our spiritual pursuits.

So, the morning time is good, the mind is quiet and a quiet mind is good for Simran and Dhyan. So, let us close our eyes and do our Simran and Bhajan.