Meditation Talk - 02 Jan 2017- Afternoon

The Progression of the Four Types of Shabds

LIKE I HAD EXPLAINED about the Creation in the morning, it is the Sound Current, which has emanated from God Almighty and has come down through various planes. And, plane-by-plane, as it has come down, it has ruled, or it has become the king, of that plane, each Sound Current. And that is the same Sound Current that has come down.

The soul has come down from that same Sound Current, and the Path of going back to God Almighty is also of the same Sound Current. That is the only way that the soul goes back to God Almighty.

The whole process is called Surat Shabd Yoga. It is the connection of the soul with the Sound Current. And it is on this Sound Current that we go back to God Almighty. This is the principle set by God Almighty Himself, and it is as old as Creation itself. That is the only path of going back.

Ever since the human form has been made, all the planes that are there, all the Creation that has been created by God Almighty, are all vested within this body. And it is inside and within that we go, plane-by-plane, back to God Almighty.

There are four types of Sound Currents. One is the Sound Current, which is below the Third Eye, or below the Eye Center. That is called Das Vidhi Nad. And, above the Eye Center, till Par Brahm , it is called Anahad Shabd. And beyond the Par Brahm, it is called Sar Shabd. And that same Sound Current in Sat Lok-Sach Khand is called      Sat Shabd.

So, the first type of Sound Current that is below the Eye Center is called Das Vidhi Nad. There are twenty different types of sounds that we hear when we sit for meditation. Or, when we're listening to the Sound Current, it is first these sounds that come to us. So, it is the same Das VidhiNad, which connects to the Anahad Nad, and then, that Anahad Nad connects to the Sar Shabd, and that Sar Shabd connects to the Sat Shabd.

The Das Vidhi Nad, the Sound Current, does not have the power to hold our mind still. So, when the mind, during meditation, becomes a little still, we start listening to the Shabd. And, again, when it gets dissipated, again, we stop listening to that Shabd.

However, the AnahadShabd has the power to hold the mind still, though it will not hold the mind completely. But it holds the mind still enough to hold it up and take it to Par Brahm.

So, till we listen to the Sar Shabd, until we get connected to the Sar Shabd, this process of life and death will not come to an end.

Guru Nanak Sahib says, “The Jap that is the Simran that we do, that will also die.”

The ajapa that is the subconscious Simran that we do, that will also die. And even Anahad, which is the Sound Current from the back of the Eye Center to Par Brahm, even that will die. But, once we get connected to Sar Shabd, then there will be no further life and death. And that is immortal, and that will take us back to Sat Shabd and Sach Khand.

Our soul has two faculties, surat and nirat, the faculty of listening and the faculty of seeing. Both these faculties of the soul currently are asleep. We have to awaken these faculties. So, when we sit for meditation and we sit for listening to the Sound Current, we are awakening these faculties of the soul.

As we gradually do these practices, and we start awakening these faculties, we start awakening the soul. And once the soul starts awakening, it starts pulling, and the attention starts getting focused at the back of the Eye Center.

So, we should spend a lot of time doing our Simran and Bhajan, and at least take some time out of this to listen to the Sound Current, that is, doing Bhajan.

So, the atmosphere is quiet. We should make the most of this. Let's close our eyes and sit for meditation.