Meditation Talk - 02 Jan 2017- Morning

Niranjan, Unhappy With God Almighty’s Creation, Asks For His Own

THERE WAS A TIME when none of this Creation was there. This And, Pind, Brahmand was not there. These physical, astral, causal planes were not there. There was God Almighty alone, and all the souls were with God Almighty. And they were all very happy being there.

Then, God Almighty decided to have different planes, different worlds created. And, from God Almighty, He took out Sound Currents. These were powers that would be ruling each of these worlds. And then, God Almighty came down from Anaami, Alakh, and in Sat Lok, He resided there then.

These Sound Currents, which came out of God Almighty, They formed these three planes, and then They sat as Sat Purush in Sach Khand. And then, God Almighty again took out some more Sound Currents, and further planes were created. So, sixteen such Sound Currents, these emanated from God Almighty. And then, God Almighty instructed Them to go and create different planes. And, that way, each of these powers, each of these Sound Currents, one by one, They set these sixteen planes. And that is how there are sixteen planes in us.

When all these planes were created, Niranjan was the creator of the last, final plane. He was unhappy with that creation. He wanted to create more. So, he prayed to God Almighty, and he meditated about God Almighty. And, God Almighty, being the father of Kal Niranjan, granted him the wish. He asked it from God Almighty. He wanted to have his own creation. He was unhappy with the creation that was present at that time.

So, God Almighty granted him that wish. He was His son. And He said, “Okay. You can do further creations.” And the things required for making those creations, he asked God Almighty where he would get that. And God Almighty instructed him to take it from Kurma, his elder brother. So, then Kal Niranjan took these things from MahaKal, who is the ruler of Maha Sunn, and he made these creations below.

Thereafter, KalNiranjan created these three planes below. But then, he still remained unhappy in this creation. And, standing on one foot, he meditated for seventy Mahayugas. Each Mahayuga would be like four yugas that we have. He wanted souls in these creations, and God Almighty gave him a few souls.

Then, God Almighty told him, “You will not be able to use these souls, or use them properly in your creation.” So, he took out one more power, which was Maya, from Himself. And God Almighty said, “You create with the help of Maya.”

So, thereafter, both Kal Niranjan and Maya took those souls and came back to their plane. And there, Kal Niranjan instructed Maya on how that creation was going to happen.

He told Maya, “Once all this is created, the secret of my presence will not be known to anybody.” And then, he went and sat for meditation in Sweth Sunya. And he's meditating there even now.

So, thereafter, Maya came down to Jhanjari Dweep, and there, she first created three powers; that is           Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Then, thereafter, with these three powers of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, and Maya, the four of them, created 8.4 million life forms using five elements.

So, these souls were put into each of these life forms. And Maya contributed the five elements to these life forms, and KalNiranjan sat within these life forms in the form of the mind.

Thereafter, Maya put the greed, attachment, anger, lust, and ego and got all these souls entangled in all of these outwardly pursuits. The souls, which were put into these life forms, got entangled in all of these outwardly things that Maya had created. And, as a result, they forgot about God Almighty.

Therefore, Mahatmas come and They awaken the soul, and remind the soul, “This world that you are living in is not your world. What you are thinking and identifying yourself with is not yours. You belong to God Almighty, and you belong to that world, and you have to go back there.” So, They tell us that you are an element of God Almighty. You are the son of God Almighty, and you should prepare to go back to God Almighty.

Saints, in their Satsangs, always try to awaken the souls and remind them of this. And They come to help the soul to take it back to God Almighty.

So, therefore, even we should make our efforts. And, every day, we should do our Bhajan Simran. And, by doing that, we are also helping the cause of the Masters.

So, it is morning time and the mind is quiet. We should make the most of this time and close our eyes and sit for meditation.