Meditation Talk - 02 Jan 2016- Morning

The Soul Becomes Embroiled With Mind And The Agents Of Illusion

IT IS SAID THAT THIS CREATION, all of this Creation, has been done with the Grace of God Almighty. There was a time when none of these three worlds, the Physical-Astral-Causal, were there. And neither were there thirty-three crore deities, gods, and neither were humans. So, all of the souls and everyone were assimilated within God Almighty. And God Almighty felt that there should be an understanding of 'big and small.’ So, He created one Power within Himself, one Shabd. That Shabd then came down from Anaami and created Alakh, Agam, and Sach Khand. So, this Shabd then was manifested in SachKhand and, for a long time, it was like this.

Then God Almighty felt that there should be more Creation. So, God Almighty created sixteen Powers, sixteen Shabds, and He directed Them to create Their own creations. Each of these Powers, each of these Shabds, created one plane, and these sixteen planes were created, and they all settled one below the other. So, this went on for a very long time.

Now Niranjan, who was sitting at the Third Plane, was unsatisfied and wanted to create more. And He was a Son of God Almighty. So He prayed to God Almighty. He said, “This Creation, which You have done, I am not satisfied with this Creation. I want to create a unique creation of my own." So, He requested that He be allowed to do His own creation.

God Almighty felt that it is okay to have more creation and allowed Him to do so.

Now, He wanted the materials for doing that creation. So, He prayed to God Almighty, and He was then directed to go to Kurm, his elder brother Who was in the higher planes. Kurm is also called Maha Kal, and the Plane is MahaSunn, which is below SachKhand. It’s a very long story. So then, Kal got His material to start creating His own plane. Kal then created the physical, astral and causal planes. But within these planes, He wanted to have a further creation, and He wanted souls to live and inhabit these planes.

Now, all the souls resided within God Almighty.

So then, He did His penance and, standing on one foot, He stood for seventy Chaukri Yugas. One Chaukri is four yugas, which are Sat Yuga, Dwapar, Treta,andKali Yuga. So, all four are one Chaukri Yuga. Like that, He stood for seventy Chaukri Yugas, and then He prayed on one foot asking for souls to be given to Him.

God Almighty told Him, “It will not be possible for you to create this creation with souls on your own.” So, He created another Power, Maya. And He told Him to do this entire creation, along with Maya. And then, He took souls, which were below the BhanwarGupha, and decided to offer these souls to Kal and Maya. God Almighty felt that “He is my son, and He and Maya will not trouble these souls.” God Almighty asked the souls if they were willing to go to the creation of Kal." So, when He asked the souls, almost about seventy-five percent of the souls were happy to go and reside within the creation of Kal. But, about twenty-five percent of the souls pleaded to God not to do so. So, they pleaded not to go, but then God Almighty said, “I have given My Word and you should go in this creation. And if you feel the need for coming back then I will come Myself to fetch you.” And He offered these souls to go to Kal’s creation.

So, thereafter, Niranjan and Maya got the store of all these souls and came to Their planes below. And there, Niranjan instructed Maya on how the creation had to be done. From there, after instructing Maya, Kal went to Sweth Sunn and He sat for meditation. And He is meditating for God Almighty there today also.

So there, from five elements,Maya started creating bodies within which the souls would be staying. And 8.4 million bodies or forms or species were created. And, in each body, Kal sat as the mind, and Maya put in five of Her agents, which are lust, greed, anger, ego, and attachment.

So, thereafter, the soul got in this illusion and got embroiled with all of these five agents and the mind, and soon forgot its True Home, and soon forgot God Almighty.

So, Saints come to awaken the soul, and They remind them of SachKhand-SatLok from where the soul has come. They tell the soul, “This is not your world. This is the world of life and death, and your True Home is SatLok-SachKhand.” And therefore, to go back to SatLok-SachKhand, we should do our Simran and Dhyan, which is what will take us back.

So, it is morning time. We have just woken up, and the mind is fresh. A fresh mind and a still mind are good for meditation. We should use this time to sit for our meditation and do our SimranDhyan.