Meditation Talk 03 August 2017– Afternoon

When The Masters Connect The Soul With The Sound Current, That Is The Naam Daan

SWAMI JI MAHARAJ HAS SAID, "All the Scriptures, all the religious books, the Vedas, the Puranas, the shastras, all are contained within the 52-letter alphabets. And these 52 alphabet letters do not contain the Sound Current, which is beyond all of this. He says that everything that we see here and everything contained or described in that 52-letter alphabets is all going to be destroyed. All the mountains, rivers, hills, and everything that we see, and even the earth itself are not perennial and will be destroyed eventually. He says that Naam is not contained in this 52-letter alphabet, neither can we see It nor is It described here. We may have a doubt that if it is not contained here, then how is it that the Saints give us this Naam? Saints, initially, give us the Naam and They give us the Five Names for repetition. Those Five Names are contained within these letters of the alphabets. But those Five Names will not get us salvation. They will only help us to clear the nine doors and come to the Tenth Door.

When we go to the Tenth Door, our intellect stops. Our faculty of thoughts and talking stop. And there, this Sound Current is resonating. That Sound Current, which is coming from God Almighty and is coming down through all the planes, that is resonating at the Eye Center. The soul also resides at the Eye Center, but the two are not connected. When the Masters initiate us, They go within and They connect the soul with the Sound Current.

When They connect the soul with the Sound Current, that is the Naam Daan that is given. That is the initiation that the Masters give us. The Masters also give us the Five Names for repetition because we are in this physical plane with our thoughts and the pursuits of the mind. To still the mind, the Masters give us these Five Names to repeat because only something physical will be able to cut the other physical things.

The mind is currently outwardly drawn. It is manifested in all the worldly things, desires, and all that we see and we are surrounded with. When the Masters give us the Simran, They give us the Naam for repetition. It is that repetition of the Holy Names that are given to us which enable us to cut the mind from manifesting outwardly and enables our going within.

When we do that Simran repeatedly, when we do it, it becomes a part of us, then the soul starts retracting from the nine doors and it comes to the Tenth Door. There the Sound Current is resonating. And when the soul comes to the Tenth Door, we are connected with that Shabd there. The Sar Shabd is the Sound Current that is resonating beyond Brahm, and the Saints initially connect us with the Sound Current, which takes us up to Brahm. The soul is connected through the Sound Current. So, the Masters have connected us at the Brahm level with the Sar Shabd. When we go there, we get automatically connected to the Sar Shabd beyond Brahm. The Sound Current that resonates at the Eye Center is the Anahad Shabd andthat takes us to the Brahm level. The Saints have connected us with the Sar Shabd beyond the Brahm level. When yogis and rishis do their meditation, they also get connected with the Anahad Shabd, but they stay within the realm of the mind, which is within the Brahm.

The mind definitely is quieted when it gets connected with the Anahad Shabd. It is still within its own, but it is temporarily quieted. The mind is disassociated with the soul only when the soul goes to the Sar Shabd. The rishis and munis also have got connected with the Anahad Shabd and they are very blissful in that state, which is in connection with the Anahad Shabd. And, as a result, they also transcend into the higher planes and they stay there for quite some time. But, ultimately, the mind is still not within their control. They also go about cursing others and using their powers. So, that is all within the realm of the mind. The yogis also go there, riding on the Anahad Shabd, but they are still within the Brahm and the mind is still not within their control. They cannot transcend beyond Brahm.

Somanath Maharaj had also done austere pranayamas for twenty-five years and he had got a lot of mystical powers that he could go up to Brahm. But, despite that, he was not getting that peace of mind and he also was looking out for a true master. Then, he eventually met Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj in Beas, and after he heard the Satsangs of Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, all his doubts in his mind were all satisfied and he got a lot of peace within. And he continued to stay there for nearly seven years.

So, therefore, if we do not cross the Brahm we do not get true inner peace and bliss.

Saints have said, "The Door of Salvation is Par Brahm.” So, only when we cross the Par Brahm do we get salvation of the soul and all our coverings, all our outer bodies are all taken care of. And then, we get freed from all the bondages and burdens of Kal.

So, Swami Ji Maharaj has said, "All the other Shabds will all be destroyed. If we do not have the Sar Shabd or if we are not connected to the Sar Shabd, everything will continue to be within the realm of destruction and we will continuously be going back and forth in the ocean of life.

God Almighty is also in the form of Shabd and the Masters are also a form of Shabd and the soul is also the form of Shabd. So, rising on the Shabd, the soul goes back to God Almighty.

We are indeed all fortunate to have been initiated by our Masters. So, we should spend our time now doing Simran and Dhyan, and trying to go within and meet the Master Who is waiting for us within.

So, the atmosphere is good and quiet and we should make the most of it. We should close our eyes and sit for meditation.