Meditation Talk - 02 August 2017- Morning

Love Is Not Dual — There Is Singularity In Love

SANT MAT IS THE PATH of love and affection. It is only with love that on this Path the soul can go and meet God Almighty. The soul is a form of love. God Almighty is also love and the Masters are also love. When the true yearning of the soul awakens and the love emanates for going back and meeting God Almighty, then the soul goes back. That love, which is required for going back to God Almighty today, is outwardly directed in all the worldly matters and all the material things around us. So, therefore, the soul is not able to muster up that love and affection for going back to God Almighty and that is why the soul is not successful in going back. Till that true love manifests, which is now outwardly focused in all materiality, till that love at the feet of the Master manifests, that success on the path of going back to God Almighty does not start.

So, there is only one love. Either you can direct this love to outward, worldly matters, or you can direct this love at the Feet of your Masters.

Love is not dual. There is singularity in love and we can only direct true love in one direction. The love that we are seeing, that we have today, is more of an affection. It is more outwardly. It is not true love. True love is a pang of separation that emanates from within because of the distance between us and God Almighty.

So, that pang of separation has to come from within. What we fear now is that if we do not have our affection outwardly towards worldly matters, towards our relationships outside, then how will the world be sustained? How will things around us be sustained and continue? But, if we look at the lives of all the gurumukhs, all of Them have directed Their love within and They have all had Their relationships and everyone around Them has been quite happy. So, it is a misunderstanding that way. Therefore, we should direct our love at the Feet of the Masters and other things will happen automatically. And, this way, we will be successful on the Path and all our worldly things will also be taken care of.

We are in this world and we have to carry out all our duties towards this world. We have to redeem the         karmas we have been given to settle in this life. So, while we direct our love within towards our Masters and God Almighty, we should also continue to do all our duties. But our relationships and everything around us should be looked at like a duty we have to perform.

So, perform all your duties and all your relationships around you, as it is a duty for which you have this life.

If we look at the life of Kabir Sahib, or Guru Nanak and other great Saints, They have also had families. They have also maintained families. But They have continued to have Their love within. Because all these relationships that we have here and all of this materiality that we see around us is only for a few days. We will have to leave all of this and go back. It is only our affection towards all of these relationships and these things around us that bring us back, again and again, into this world.

So, when we have come into this world, we have to perform our duties and carry out all our relationships, so we should go about doing that. But we should do that as a duty that has been given to us by God Almighty. So, we should carry on that duty while we remember to go back and have our love towards God Almighty. Because when our love is directed towards God Almighty and our Masters, then we will continue to tread on our path back home and if we, otherwise, direct all our love and affection into this world and this materiality, then we will not be able to tread on that path.

When we have our true love for our Masters and for God Almighty, all the sorrows and the pleasures, they do not affect us because we take them for what they are. We understand the reality that these are all untrue and we have to leave all this and go back. And, otherwise, what we normally do is, we have our love and affection towards all our relationships and all the material things around us and, in that case, all these pleasures and sorrows that affect us, we get deeply affected by that.

This life of a human has been given to you to go back to God Almighty. And in this life, if we forget that true purpose and we get lost in all the other things, then we lose the purpose of this life.

So, the atmosphere is good. We should make the most of it. We should close our eyes and sit for our meditation.