Meditation Talk - 02 Aug 2016- Afternoon

To Make The Mind Our Friend, We Have To Do As Much Simran As Possible

PALTU SAHIB SAYS IN HIS BANI, “A lot of people talk about Naam, but very few people really know about Naam.” Then He continues in the Bani, and says, “Only a True Master, tells us about the Naam.”

So, there are more than a hundred crore mantras of various deities that are there currently. But Swami Ji Maharaj says, “All these mantras, which are in letters, which are descriptive, they will all come to an end.”

True Naam is that unspoken language, or Shabd, which we get connected to at the time of our initiation. The Naam or Shabd is what the True Masters give us, which resonates at the back of the Eye Center. That is beyond description, and that will not end like other mantras. That Shabd has come from SatNaam and is resonating at the back of the Eye Center at the Tenth Door. And that is what illuminates and gives the energy to the body. That Shabd is called Naam by the Masters.

So, during initiation, when the Masters give us Five Names to be repeated, those Names are also descriptive. Those Names are the names of the Lords of the planes above, but nevertheless, as they are letters and descriptive, they also will come to an end. But these letters, these Naams, the Five Names that are given during initiation, there is a lot of charging behind these Names because of the Masters. And that is why there is a lot of power in this Naam. These Five Names are given to us so that we can collect our scattered thoughts and attention, which are outwardly focused now, and by doing the Simran and the contemplation of the Master within, we are able to assimilate all our thoughts in the mind at the back of the Eye Center.

So, when we focus our attention within at the back of the Eye Center with the help of these Five Names and the contemplation of the Master, and we come above and leave all our other nine doors and come to the Tenth, then the Master manifests Himself there. And, with His Grace, the Shabd, or the Sound Current, manifests.

So, the course of these Five Holy Names that are given to us to be repeated gets completed, and then the soul gets connected to the Sound Current, or the Shabd, which is resonating above. And then, through this connection, the soul goes upwards. The whole breadth of worlds within to God Almighty, to SachKhand, is through Shabd. So, it is through that Shabd only that the soul has come down. And it is on that Shabd only that the soul will rise and go back to SachKhand.

So, as the soul connects to the Shabd, it starts progressing within, and then it leaves its astral form. It goes into the causal. Then, from the causal, it goes beyond. Both the soul and the Master take the form of the Shabd within, and then, on the Shabd, the soul progresses further and goes up.

To do this, we have to get the Grace of the Masters. And we get the Grace of the Masters by doing more and more Simran and Bhajan. And with that, and the help of the Satsang that the Masters give out in the outward form, we are able to progress within and get His Grace.

As the karmas reduce or get redeemed, the mind becomes purer, and we are able to then progress and go within. So, there is more and more need of doing Simran and Bhajan. To see all the things within, we have to do as much Simran and Bhajan as possible.

So, the time is good, and the environment and ambience is quiet. We should make the most of this time, and close our eyes, and sit for our Simran and Dhyan.