Meditation Talk 02 August 2015 – Afternoon

The Good Souls Search For A True Saint

ALL SAINTS HAVE PRAISED The Surat Shabd Yoga. Sant Mat is Surat Shabd Yoga. There are various other spiritual practices like japas, tapas, and pranayamas, AshtangaYoga, etc. These are, however, very difficult to perform by human beings who are otherwise involved with families.

In pranayamas, one has to eat the leaves of the neem tree, which are very bitter and, with that, one has to cleanse the system. So, there is then doti,neti, and basti. These are practices under pranayamas to cleanse the body. These are very difficult practices to be conducted.

One of the practices is to cleanse the nasal system, the neti, where the cleansing is done by water, which is poured through one nostril, and then it is taken out from the other nostril. So, it clears the sinuses and the nose. The other way is to use a fine thread that is covered by wax. And that thread is then again pushed through one nostril and taken out from the other nostril.

The other practice is doti, where a soft linen cloth with a width of about two inches is dipped in honey. The length of the cloth is about three meters and that entire cloth is then swallowed. It has been dipped in honey to make it easy to swallow. And, when the entire cloth is swallowed, then the cloth is again pulled out. So, the internal intestines and stomach get cleansed by that process.

The third is basti, where a person has to sit in a tub with warm water and the process is to clear the large intestine. The water is sucked in from the anus, and then it is again pushed out so, that way, the large intestine is cleansed.

So, after this cleansing, the pranayama starts. The practice of pranayama is to concentrate the apan vayu, which is in the navel, and from the navel, to concentrate and take that apan vayu up to the forehead, to the back of the Eye Center. So, once this is done, then they can see the Light within at the back of the Eye Center. Such yogis also get the riddhi-siddhis. They get mystic powers.

Somanath Baba Ji had also done these practices. And He had also got these mystic powers, these riddhi-siddhis. And, likewise, Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj also had practiced this for nearly seventeen years, and He had also attained these riddhi-siddhis. Most people, who practice these, get pulled into these riddhi-siddhis and they get lost in those practices. But the good souls try to search for a True Saint, because the mind, despite these powers that are attained, is still not calm. So, the good souls still continue to search for the True Master.

When Baba Somanath Ji, after doing this practice, wanted to look for a True Master, he met Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. And, when Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj initiated him, Baba Somanath Ji was already at the Brahm level. And then, after the initiation, he went up to Sach Khand, and there He met with the Almighty.

Even Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj had obtained the level of Brahm. But when he met Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, Who initiated him in the Surat ShabdYoga, upon initiation He also went into Sach Khand and He met with the Almighty.

So, Saints have used the practice of the Surat Shabd Yoga to connect the soul with the Sound Current. What has happened is that the soul has become a slave of the mind, and the mind, in turn, has become a slave of the senses. So, with the Surat Shabd Yoga, the Masters connect the soul to the Sound Current. That is Surat Shabd Yoga. After doing the practice, when the mind and the soul manifest the Sound Current, they truly become blissful and happy. And then they ascend upwards toward their True Home.

So, that way, all of us should practice at least two and a half hours every day, and especially for people who are engaged in worldly matters, who are engaged in their occupation, work life, and with their families. They should take out at least two and a half hours every day for the practice of the Surat Shabd. So, that way, when we spend at least two and a half to three hours every day in this practice, then we shall become vessels for assimilating the Grace of the Masters, and we definitely will be successful on this Path.

So, the ambiance and weather are good and quiet and we should make the most of this. So, let us do our Simran and Bhajan.