Meditation Talk - 02 August 2015 - Morning

The Almighty Has Kept His Path Within

FIRST, I PRAY at the Feet of Som-Ajaib Who have graced this poor soul and made me fit for doing this Seva. It is said that the amount of Grace that the Master showers upon a soul is limitless. I had the privilege of seva at the Feet of Somanath Baba Ji for only three years. But with Ajaib Singh Ji I had the privilege of eleven years to do the seva there. Baba Ajaib Singh Ji graced me spiritually and by wealth and in all other respects, and He directed me to stay in Andhra Pradesh. So I, again and again, bow at Their Feet, and I can never forget the amount of Grace They have showered on me.

Sant Mat has been since the time that this world has been in existence. Ever since Almighty has formed this world and the human form, He has kept this Path within, and Sant Mat is the Path that has been kept within the human form. So, Almighty has kept this Path. It is not a path created by any Super Soul or Master. It has been created by Almighty Himself. And it is only by this Path that Saints and Masters have gone and met with God Almighty. This Path is of Shabd. It's a staircase, which connects through different Shabds at different Sound Currents that flow from the Almighty. So, it is all through this staircase that the soul has descended and got entangled in the net of the Maya. And it is through this staircase, through this connected Shabd, or Naam, that it will go back to the Almighty.

So, this Shabd, or Sound Current, is coming from the Almighty and it resonates at the back of the Eye Center. And it is there for twenty-four hours and is resonating there continuously.

But we are unable to listen to the Sound Current because the mind has been drawn outward and, therefore, Masters say that we should do our Simran and contemplation of the Master within, which will draw us inside. The mind has been repeatedly following outward things and it is continuously contemplating outward matters.

Now, with the Simran and repetition and the contemplation of the Master, the mind has to be drawn within. So, when we repeat the Five Holy Names given by the Master and focus our attention at the back of the Eye Center then, slowly, our attention gets inwardly focused and we start focusing and concentrating at the Eye Center.

So, one day, when we follow this practice, the mind will still at the back of the Eye Center. And when the mind stills there, we will listen to the Sound Current and see the Light there.

To listen to the Sound Current, this Simran and contemplation of the Master at the Eye Center is very important. We should not look at these practices as a burden. We should do it with love and affection.

So, when we wake up in the morning, our mind is quiet. A quiet mind is required for doing meditation. It is a good time for us to do Simran and contemplation of the Master at this time. So, let us all do our Simran and Bhajan.