Meditation Talk 01 Jan 2017– Afternoon

Three Measures For Salvation In The Kali Yuga

SAINTS HAVE ADOPTED three measures in the Kali Yuga for salvation. The first is Satsang , then there is     Seva, and the third is Bhajan Simran.

Satsang comes as number one because it is only with the Satsang that we come to know what truth is, and what is false. It is only with Satsang that we come to know of the importance of this human life. Otherwise, our whole lives we are spending in terms of thinking about others only. It is only with Satsang that we get clarity of the purpose of our life. It is only through Satsang that we come to know about the God Almighty, about the importance of the Masters, and the importance of Their Teachings. It is only with listening to Satsang that we get a transformation, and then we start treading the Path of devotion. It is only with Satsang that we come to know of this Reality. Otherwise, we spend our time in doing all these worldly pursuits and pursuing all the other things that pull us outward. It is only through the Satsang that we come to know how we have to go within this body of six feet and go within and meet God Almighty.

Saints do not say that God Almighty is outside in the forest, or in the hills. They always maintain that God Almighty is within you. But to find the God Almighty within you, to go within, you need the help of a True Master. So, therefore, Satsang is very important, and we should listen to Satsang every day.

Next to Satsang, the other important thing is seva. Saints always say that we should do seva. Wherever Saints are, there is seva. Why does one have to do seva? It is because one of the greatest ailments that we have is the ailment of ego. And it is only to get rid of this ego that we have to do seva at the Feet of the Master. So, when we do seva, it should be done lovingly and with the remembrance of the Masters. We should not do this seva with any ill feelings about others. Doing seva is like a cash business. When we do seva with the remembrance of the Master, it is like getting one rupee for every one rupee that we spend. Because, when we do seva, a lot of our karmas are taken care of and redeemed. And a lot of the burden that we carry, because of our karmas, is relieved.

At the third place areBhajan and Simran. So, once we have got initiated, it is very necessary for us to do BhajanSimran regularly. Why do we go to the Masters? We go to the Masters to get rid of our biggest illness. And that illness is this whole cycle of life and death. So, therefore, it is our duty to do BhajanSimran, to spend two and a half hours every day, and give that for doing BhajanSimran as per the Teachings of our Master.

If we are in employment, or we are doing some service somewhere, and our timing of employment keeps changing, then we can modify the timing that we allocate to do Bhajan Simran. It is very important to do BhajanSimran because by doing Bhajan Simran, we start redeeming our karmas. All the karmas that we have stored within, those start getting cut down, because of the Simran Bhajan and that we do. And, by doing Bhajan Simran, it becomes easier for the Masters to extend Their Grace and help to us.

If we do not do Bhajan Simran then, what happens is that those karmas, which have built up on our body, we have to then redeem those karmas by way of illnesses or other difficulties that we face in life.

So, therefore, make your timetable. And it is important for you to do BhajanSimran every day. Like we go about our duties every day, and we do all the other things outwardly, like that, we should also take out time for Bhajan and Simran every day.

So, this time is good. We should make the most of this time. We should close our eyes and get connected to Simran Dhyan.