Meditation Talk - 01 Jan 2017- Morning

With Each Passing Breath, You Are Losing The Value Of Three Worlds

FIRST OF ALL, I PRAY TO THE FEET of Satgurus Som Ajaib, Who have graced me and given me this opportunity of doing the Seva. I didn't have such virtues or qualities, but it is only with the Grace of these two great Masters that They have made me capable of doing the Seva.

I did about eight years of seva and I did meditation. But I feel that the meditation that I did was not as would be required. But it is only the Grace of these two great Masters, Who have showered so much Grace on me that made me capable of this Seva.

All of you have also taken out your important and precious time and come such long distances. I would like to wish all of you most joyous wishes for this new year. I wish you all a very happy new year.

I will pray to the feet of the Masters that They shower Grace on all of you, and encourage you and motivate you and push you forward on this Path so that you become successful on this Path. Because this life, that has been given to us, is for doing the devotion and meditation and going back to God Almighty. And I pray that these wishes help you to achieve that goal, because even Kabir Sahib has said, “With the passing of each breath, I play the drum and I repeat, again and again, and say this, that with each passing of this breath, we are losing the value of three worlds.”

So, we should make the most of each precious breath that we have. And how do we do that? And how do we achieve the value of each breath? That is by collecting the wealth of Naam with each passing breath.

In all the Creation of God Almighty, He has made the human form the highest in all Creation. Because it is only in this human form that all the five elements have been engrained. And He has also kept all the sixteen planes within this human body, within this form. And the Path to go back to God Almighty is also within this form. This body is not made of only flesh and blood. It is gold, which has been given by God Almighty. It is only in this form that we are able to go back to God Almighty and meet God Almighty. So, it is only with this body form that we can go within.

It is after tens of millions of lives that we get this human body, and it is only with the Grace of the God Almighty and the Masters that we get the Path to go within and go back to God Almighty. This life has been given, and this form has been given, only to get salvation from these 8.4 million life forms.

So, we should make the most of this human life form that has been given to us, because all the other activities that we have been doing, we have also been doing in all the other life forms. It is only in this life form that we can do the devotion of God Almighty. And, it is only this devotion that we can do in this life form. We should keep our attention and focus to this purpose of life that has been given to us. And we should make more and more use of this time and spend it in the devotion of God Almighty.

It was our great fortune that, with the Grace of God Almighty, we got the company of the Masters. So, it is incumbent on us to follow the Path shown by Them, and keep the word that we have given to them, that we will do our devotion. We should do that duty of ours.

This present of the new year that has been given, this fifteen days of time that we have for doing devotion of God Almighty, we should use this present and, when we go back to our homes also, we should use this present that has been given to us. So, all of you have taken off your precious time and come here. I will also pray to God Almighty that He showers His Grace and helps you on this Path.

It is early morning and our mind is quiet, and a quiet mind is good for meditation. As the day progresses, the mind starts wavering and becomes more active. So, we should make the most of this time, and we should close our eyes and sit for meditation, and get connected with Dhyan Bhajan.