Meditation Talk 01 Jan 2016– Afternoon

Saints Have Adopted Only Three Measures Of Salvation

IN KALI YUGA, SAINTS HAVE ADOPTED only three measures of salvation. That is Simran, Dhyan, and Bhajan.

In the earlier ages, there were various other practices like pranayamas, AshtangaYoga, japas, and tapas. But those are not possible in Kali Yuga in the present context. For doing pranayamas, one has to drink the juice of the leaves of a neem tree. These leaves have to be crushed, and the juice of those leaves has to be consumed. With this, the stomach gets cleansed. And thereafter, one has to do the practice of doti, neti, and basti. These are the three practices of cleansing that are adopted under pranayamas. And with that, the body gets cleansed, and then the pranayama practice starts. And again, these practices have to be done in the presence of masters who know and who have mastered those practices which, in today's context, is not practical or possible.

I had gone to this ashram in Kisan Nagar in Telangana. And there was a sannyasi there who was trying to do this practice. So, this person, this recluse, who was there, he had not curtailed his food eating habits. He used to eat, and he used to also do this practice.

Now he was following this practice by reading from the books. So, he locked the room, and he sat and started his practice. Now, this practice involves the assimilation of apan vayu, which is the air around the navel. One has to concentrate this apan vayu, and then gradually, very gradually, take it up to the back of the Eye Center.

So, he did this practice, but this has to be done very gradually, following all the other cautions. Now he tried to do this forcefully, and he managed to concentrate this apan vayu and take it up. But he was not aware of how to bring this back. And, as a result, when he took this and focused at the Eye Center, his breathing stopped. He was unable to bring this apan vayu back. So, his breathing had stopped and, as a result, he died.

Now, he was sitting there for two, three hours. When people saw that he was not coming out, they broke the window, and then they saw that he was sitting in this meditation position, but he had expired. So, when they finally broke down the door and went inside, and they touched him, he fell down. He was not very old. He was about thirty-five years of age. And it is only because of lack of knowledge of doing this kriya properly that he, unfortunately, had to pass away.

So, one cannot have the regular diet and other food while doing this, only if this neem juice is taken. And with that, the cleansing is done, and then after the cleansing, this practice has to be done.

Saints have adopted a very straightforward and very simple process. It is for all the people who are otherwise engaged in worldly pursuits. And from the age of six to ninety or above, anybody can do this.

So, therefore, these three practices are what Saints suggest: that is Simran, Dhyan, and Bhajan.

Our mind and intellect and attention are all focused outwardly. By doing Simran and by contemplation of the Form of our Master, we gradually get our attention focused within, and then we rise within. So, as we do our Simran and we do the contemplation of the Master within, gradually our attention gets focused within, and we leave the nine outwardly doors and our soul gets assimilated, our attention gets assimilated, at the Tenth Door. And the Master Who has given the initiation is waiting for you there.

So, your Master is there in the form of Shabd within only, and that is why it is said that if there is any relationship, or any bond, which is the strongest or closest, it is between the Master and the disciple, because He is always within you.

So, all our other relationships are there for a while, and then, gradually, we separate. It is only the Master Who is within and is at all times with us. To get the Grace of the Master, it is important for us to do as much Simran and Bhajan as possible so that we can get our scattered thoughts focused and concentrated within.

So, the weather is good, and the atmosphere is quiet. So, we close our eyes and sit for our meditation.