Meditation Talk - 01 Jan 2016- Morning

Simran Is The First Step In Sant Mat

I BOW TO THE FEET of my Gurudevs, Som and Ajaib, Who have graced this poor soul and chosen him for doing seva. It is impossible to think that within the intellect and the mind that someone can do seva and think and talk on the Sant Mat. It is only with the Grace of the Masters that someone can do this.

I had the opportunity of only about three years at the feet of Somanath Baba Ji. And I had eleven years of Grace with Sant Ji. Sant Ajaib Singh Ji graced me and supported me in all respects, and He instructed me to do seva here in Andhra Pradesh. So He graced me outwardly at the worldly level, and He graced me on a spiritual level also. And He made me fit for doing the seva. Even four days before Somanath Baba Ji left His sharir, He had also given indications towards my seva to be done in Andhra Pradesh. But at that time I was young. I could not understand the indication that He had given to me. It was only later that Sant Ajaib Singh Ji explained it in detail to me. He told me that my duty is to be in Andhra Pradesh, and the saplings planted by Somanath Baba Ji have to be watered by me. So, He instructed me in detail. It is only with boundless Grace of both the great Saints that this work is being done here, and this seva is being done.

So, today is the first day of this year. All of you have also left your precious work and families and have come here. I pray to Baba Ji that He showers His Grace on all of you, and all of you have a great year ahead. So, I hope that all of you spend a lot of time in Simran,Dhyan, and Bhajan. And with that, you will get the benefit.

When we are back at our homes, there are a lot of other things, a lot of worldly matters to attend to, and the mind is scattered. But, all of you have come here, the mind is clear, and we should use this time to do our Simran.

So, when you are here, you should do Simran as much as possible, while you are walking, while you are eating, and while going about your other work. And with this, you will get the Grace of Baba Ji. Because, when we do Simran like this and then when we sit for meditation, it is the Simran, which we have done the day long, that helps us at the time of meditation.

If we are not doing Simran, then our mind is scattered, and all the other things then affect our meditations. So, we should spend as much time as possible and maximize our Simran. We should focus our attention towards Simran. Simran is the first step in SantMat, and it is only with Simran that we leave out the nine doors and come to the Tenth. Because our mind is impure, there are lots of thoughts, which keep the mind wavering and impure.

Sadguru is pure. By doing the Simran, remembering the Five Names, the mind gets stilled. And once the mind is stilled, then the reflection and the manifestation of the Master within is possible. So, the Saints have always sung the praise of doing Simran. Sant Ji has also said, “If you do your Simran, then you will reach your goal.” There is a bhajan of this.

We are so used to our mind thinking and repeating worldly matters. So, even if we are sitting quietly, our mind is busy in various worldly matters. The mind is so used to doing the Simran of the outside world. So, therefore, Saints say that you don't have to change your attire or your clothes, and you don't have to change your food and eating habits. All you have to do is get attached to Simran. Simran is very important. So, we should spend more and more time for doing this Simran. It is Simran only, which will get us to our Master within.

So, today is the first day of the year, and I shall pray to Baba Ji that He shall grace all of you so that you can maximize your Simran, and His Grace is showered upon you.

So, it is morning time and, in the morning time, the mind is quiet. A quiet mind is fit for meditation. So, we should use this time, close our eyes, and start our meditation.