Meditation Talk 02 August 2017– Afternoon

It Is That Simran Which Takes The Soul Outside Of The Compound Of The Realm Of The Mind

IN KALI YUGA, SAINTS have adopted very simple practices for salvation of the soul. In the earlier yugas, there were different austere practices that were adopted, like Ashtanga Yoga, pranayamas, japas, tapas, which are not possible in this yuga. Because, in pranayamas, one has to live a celibate life and he has to leave the normal food habits that we have.

In the previous yugas, life was long and the people could withstand more austere practices. They could remain on fast and they could remain celibate for several years. This is not possible in this period. In the Kali Yuga, the life expectancy is also reduced and it is less than a hundred years now and the body is also much weaker. And the life is also dependent on food because the pranas are in the food. So, at least we have to eat once to stay alive.

So, therefore, Saints have also adopted very simple practices: Simran, Dhyan, Bhajan, which can be practiced by human beings in this yuga. Currently, we are pursuing all worldly thoughts and our attention of the soul is outwardly focused in all of the material things and our thoughts outside. By doing the Simran of the Five Names that have been given to us by our Master and contemplating His Form within, we are able to concentrate our attention at the Eye Center. And to be successful on the Path, the first step is to do Simran. We have to also bring Simran in our routine. So, when we start realizing that while we are doing other things also, our mind is doing Simran, then we should feel that we are moving on the Path.

The whole day, usually, we are lost in thoughts about our worldly matters and we are continuously in those thoughts. So, when we sit for that half an hour of meditation, then during that half an hour also the mind is used to thinking outwardly. Therefore, to improve our meditation when we sit, and to get better focus and attention at that time, we should try and do as much Simran as possible while we're doing all our daily routine activities and continuously try to keep doing Simran.

The mind does not like to do Simran and it is only to quiet the mind that the Masters have given us the Simran. Because, by doing Simran, the mind will ‘die,’ will become quiet. The mind is quite happy doing Simran of other names, like ‘Hare’ and ‘Gobind’, or ‘Ram’, or ‘Rama’, or ‘Krishna’, or any other recitals of any names or deities because all those are within the realm of the mind.

In the Simran given by the Masters, it is that Simran which takes the soul outside of the compound or the realm of the mind. It is the instructions of Kal Niranjan to the mind that none of the souls should be able to cross the compound or the realm of the mind. And that is the instruction that the mind follows. That is why the mind does not like to do Simran. When we try to do Simran, the mind pulls us outside in all its other thoughts.

So, when we start practicing, in the initial stages we have to force the mind to do the Simran. So, initially, we may do Simran only five or six times a day. It will gradually increase to, perhaps, fifty to sixty times. But, over a period of time, when the mind starts getting intoxicated in the Simran, it will start doing this continuously.But, it is very important to be at it and continue to practice however difficult it is.

Tulsi Sahib also says, "By doing Simran, the material or gross becomes subtle." The practice of Simran is very important. Even Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj used to stand up all night on his bairagan. That was a special structure made for him to be able to stand and do His Simran while He was standing. He used to tie his hair also up to a nail or a hookup so that, if he would doze off, then he would be awakened by the pull on his hair. He used to stand all night and do this and, where he would doze off, maybe the pull on his hair would again waken him up and he would again do the Simran for five or six times and then, possibly, he would sleep again. And, like that again, he would be awakened again and he would repeat five or six times. So, that way, he would continuously do it throughout the night. So, it is important for us to do and focus on Simran.

So, even when we are not sitting in meditation and if, in our routine, we are doing Simran and if our mind gets attuned to doing that Simran continuously, then also our meditation will increase and we will be successful on the Path.

So, the atmosphere is quiet and we should get connected within. We should close our eyes and sit for the meditation.