Meditation Talk - 01 Aug 2017- Morning

The Masters Have Praised This Beautiful Human Body

I BOW AT THE FEET OF SOM-AJAIB. It is only with the Grace of these two great Masters that I have this opportunity of doing this little Seva.

Today is the first day of our Satsang here. I wish and I pray to Som-Ajaib that They shower Their Grace on all of you. All of you have taken out your precious time and your journey to come all the way here for this meditation program. Everyone is so busy in their daily activities that to do Dhyan Bhajan, nobody has time. We take out our precious time for doing all our activities, all our daily things that we go about doing, but for doing our meditation, our mind becomes very difficult. So, Masters have praised the importance of Satsang and Bhajan. And both these things are very important for us to do. It is only in the Satsang, when we go, we come to know what is right, what is wrong, and we come to know the importance of this human life that has been given to us.

The Masters have also praised this beautiful human body that has been given to us. This is the body in which we can transcend from humans to God. So, God Almighty has created this special body for us. God has created this body and has kept sixteen planes within this body. And then He has kept His entire Kingdom within it and He also resides within this body. The convenience of going and meeting God Almighty has been kept only in this body. It is not there in any other body. And the God Almighty gives us this body, He graces us with this human life when He sees that we have been suffering in all the 84 Lakhs species. God Almighty gives us this body so that we can get out of this suffering. We can go back to our True Home.

Saints always say, "This world that we are in, what surrounds us here, is not our True Home." This body is not our True Home. Our True Home is back with God Almighty. But to go within and go back to God Almighty, we need the Grace and direction of a True Master. Without that help, we will not be able to go back. So, therefore, Saints have sung the praise of Satsang and Bhajan Simran.

Sant Ji also used to say, "You can leave a hundred things, but sit for Satsang. And you can leave a thousand things, but you should sit for Bhajan and Simran.” Because everything that we are doing outside is related to this physical body. It is related to our karmas. And the Bhajan Simran that we do is relating to our soul.

Our soul has descended from God Almighty and has come down these sixteen planes and has manifested within this physical body. And here it has got entangled with the mind and the senses. And in this entanglement, it has forgotten about itself, about its True Home. And, in the things that it is doing around itself, it has forgotten its True Home. And it is suffering here.

Our thoughts are all-pervading, relating to these worldly things here and our relationships here. And our entanglement is because of these thoughts. When we do our Bhajan Simran, we are able to get out of this entanglement and go within. When we do our Simran, then we are able to concentrate our thoughts at the Eye Center. And then the mind, which is scattered in the thoughts all over the place, gets concentrated at the Eye Center and then we are able to go within.

With the effort that we put in for doing this concentration with Simran, the mind settles down and we are able to get our thoughts together and come to the Eye Center. So, the soul then focuses its attention back where it is residing at the Eye Center and then the journey back to God Almighty starts.

For doing this we should have a seamless love for our Master and God Almighty. It should not happen that we do our Simran Bhajan for a few days, then leave it for a few days, then again, do it for a few days. It should be without a break and it should be continuous.

Anytime is a good time for doing Bhajan Simran, but particularly in the morning when we have just woken up and our mind is still. It is quiet. It is a good time to do our Bhajan Simran. As the day progresses our mind gets scattered in various thoughts, so Masters praise the early morning time. 6:00 to 10:00 is supposed to be a good time for sitting for meditation.

So, with the Grace of all our Masters, we have all assembled here. We should make the most of this time and we should close our eyes and sit for our meditation.