Meditation Talk 01 Aug 2016– Afternoon

The Three Measures Of Liberation

IN KALI YUGA, THE SAINTS HAVE ADOPTED only three measures for liberation. They are Simran, Dhyan, and Satsang. These measures are something, which are possible while we live our normal, routine lives.

Otherwise, earlier, there were more difficult austerities that were to be done; like Ashtanga Yoga, pranayamas, and japas and tapas, etc. But, in Kali Yuga, the life form has been reduced in terms of the number of years that a human form lives, and these measures, these austerities, are not possible.

So, it is the Simran and Dhyan and Satsang that have been adopted as the measure of liberation. The Simran that has been given by the Masters to us, the Five Names that are given, these are the names of the Lords of the different planes that are there within. And these Lords have never come into this world. When the soul goes within, upwards, to God Almighty, it has to cross all these planes of which these Lords are rulers of these planes. So, the Simran that has been given to us are the Names of these Lords.

Whenever we think on some thoughts, and we follow these thoughts in our mind, our attention immediately focuses on those thoughts. And the intellect quickly builds up a form, or a figure, for those thoughts. And we start visualizing those thoughts within. When the Simran is given, we repeat the Simran and contemplate the Form of the Master within. So, therefore, whenever we do Simran and we sit for our meditation, we have to contemplate on the Form of the Master within also, because that is what we visualize in our intellect. And that is why Masters give us this practice of doing Dhyan, which is the contemplation of the Form of the Master, and Simran for our mind to quieten and focus within. So, by doing Simran and the contemplation of the Form of the Master within, our mind becomes purer, and we start going within.

The third practice is the practice of listening to the Holy Sound Current within. The Sound Current is reverberating at the back of the Eye Center. Listening to the Sound Current and contemplating the Form of the Master, that is what we call the meditation, or the Dhyan, or Bhajan, within. So, when we do our Bhajan, and we start focusing within and listening to that Sound Current at the back of the Eye Center, and we manifest that Sound Current within, that Sound Current takes our soul, which is also another form of Sound Current only. It takes the soul upwards and within.

So, therefore, in this Kali Yuga, when the life expectancy has gone down, when our life form itself is for a very fixed number of years and the power of the soul and the mind are also significantly curtailed vis-à-vis the earlier yugas, Masters have given us this practice of Simran and Dhyan Bhajan to go within, which is very simple for anyone to do. A six-year-old child can do it, and up to a ninety-year-old person can also do it. So, this is a very simple and straightforward practice that can be adopted and followed by everybody.

So, the atmosphere is very quiet. We should make the most of this. We should close our eyes and sit for our meditation.