Meditation Talk - 01 Aug 2016 - Morning

This Is Our True Work

I BOW TO THE FEET of Som-Ajaib Who have graced this poor soul and made him fit for doing this Seva. It is only the Grace of these two great Saints that this humble soul is able to do whatever little Seva that he is doing for the Satsang.

I had the opportunity of doing seva with Baba Somanath Ji for only three years, and I got the opportunity to do seva for eleven years at the Feet of Sant Ajaib Singh Ji. In the three years that I was with Somanath Baba Ji, He brought my life on this Spiritual Path and He took care of my entire life and He brought me into this discipline. And He blessed me and graced me with the understanding of seva.

Later, Sant Ajaib Singh Ji also gave me the seva of doing Satsang and translating His Satsangs and explaining to the sangat of Karnataka and Andhra. And He graced me in all respects; in respect of spirituality and in respect of even worldly wealth. And, today also, it is the Grace of these two great Masters that all of this is happening.

I'm pleased to see all of you come here. All of you have taken out your precious time from your various duties, your jobs, your businesses, and other household duties, and you have come here to spend these fifteen days in meditation. I pray at the Feet of the Masters, that They grace you and get you to do the meditation and serve the purpose for which you have come.

And, as you come here and you do this practice that we are all doing, when you go back home, you should continue this practice. And that way the Grace of the Masters will always be on you. Even if the timing changes, when you go back according to your respective jobs or businesses, you should still make it a point to sit for meditation and listen to Satsang every day.

Sant Ji used to always say that, “You can leave a hundred things and sit for Satsang, or leave even a thousand things, but sit for meditation.” Because this is our true work. God Almighty has given us this precious jewel of a life, and it is the purpose of this life to get out of this bondage of this worldly ocean and go back to God Almighty. Because the jiva gets embroiled in all of these outwardly attractions and, unfortunately, again falls back into this ocean of sorrow and goes back into the 8.4 million life forms. And then God alone knows when he will get the next opportunity to do this devotion and get out of this bondage.

When the soul goes through these 8.4 million life forms and it is very sad, then God Almighty graces that soul and gives him the opportunity of this human life form. This human form has been created quite different from all the other life forms. And in this human form, in this body, and within, there He has kept His entire Kingdom, His entire sixteen planes. And He also resides within this human form. He has kept the Path to go back and meet Him also within this human form.

It is only with the help and Grace of a Knowledgeable Soul, of a Master, that we come to know of this Path to go back and meet God Almighty. It is only in this human life form that we can do this. That is why even gods and goddesses have praised this. And all the rishis and munis have praised this life form because it is in this life form alone that we can move from becoming a human to a God.

Therefore, we should make the most of this opportunity. We should sit and listen to Satsang every day, even if it is for half an hour. And we should take out as much time as possible for our meditations, and do it regularly and daily.

So, this morning time is good. It is quiet and the ambience is good. The Saints have also praised this time because this is the time we wake up and the mind is quiet. And a quiet mind is required for meditation. So, as the day progresses, the mind becomes more wavering and it is more difficult to meditate. So, therefore, Masters and Saints have also called this Amrit Vela, or the ‘Time of Nectar’. So, we should make the most of this time and we should close our eyes and sit for our meditation, do Simran and Dhyan.