Meditation Talk 01 August 2015 – Afternoon

The Three Practices For Liberation

IN THE KALI YUGA, Saints have adopted three meditation practices for the liberation of the souls: Simran, Satguru Dhyan (contemplation of the Master), and Bhajan, which is connection with the Sound Current. The first step on the Path is Naam Simran. It is with the Simran that the mind gets purer and our deeds are redeemed, and then the soul rises towards the Almighty. So, with the Simran, the soul retracts from the body and leaves the nine doors and focuses on the Tenth Door. It is at the Tenth Door that the Master, Who has initiated us, is waiting. It is the Simran that retracts the soul. After that, the course of the Simran is over, and then the Path is about the Shabd, which is connection with the Sound Current.

So, once we are within, we can see the Radiant Form of the Master and the Sound Current manifests, and we can listen to the Sound Current. With this, the soul gets purer and it rises. Great sinners have also redeemed their sins by doing Simran. So, we should all maximize our efforts to do as much Simran as possible. By doing Simran, the mind becomes pure and the mind starts transforming and, gradually, the soul reduces its sins and it retracts itself from the nine doors and comes to the Tenth Door. This is done by Simran and the contemplation of the Master. So, the effort is to maximize our contemplation of the Master and the Simran of the Five Names given to us.

What has happened is that we have been contemplating worldly matters and we have been constantly in the remembrance of all worldly attachments. And that is how our soul has been outwardly focused. It is with the Simran and the contemplation of the Master that the soul gets inwardly focused and rises. So, when the soul, by doing Simran and contemplation of the Master, retracts itself from outwardly attachments and rises within, then the Master and the Sound Current manifest and take the soul upwards.

So, we should keep our attention towards doing Simran as far as possible. Even when we are doing other things, we should try to do as much Simran as possible.

So, it is a very good time now where all of us have gathered here. We have left our precious work and attachments and come here for this purpose. In such gatherings, the attention towards family matters or other exigencies is less, and the ambiance and the atmosphere encourage us to do this meditation. So, we should make the most of these moments and we should do Simran and focus on and contemplate on the Master. We should try not to remember and stay focused on the things left behind, but use this time towards Simran and contemplation of the Master.

Babaji is also cautioning this year the rains have been less and there is less water availability. And the bore wells are also a little dried up. So, everyone is requested to consume as little water as possible.