Meditation Talk - 01 Aug 2015 - Morning

Time To Time Saints Come To This World

IT IS SAID that, from time to time, Saints come to this world. In the same manner, with the Grace of the Almighty, Som-Ajaib also came into this world and it was Their mission to help lost souls. So, we salute such great Masters Who have made this humble soul capable of doing Seva of the sangat. It is not within the power of the soul to do such Seva. It is only with the Grace of the Masters that this Seva is possible. So, it is like this that, from time to time, great Saints come with the Grace of the Almighty, and They direct the lost souls and get them connected with the Almighty through the Sound, Surat Shabd, and guide them on the Path back. In India, there are several ways of worship. But the Saints have only three practices for getting back to the Almighty. They are Satsang, Seva, and Bhajan Simran.

So, there are various measures adopted by different sages. There are different types of yogas that they practice, like Ashtanga yoga, japas, tapas, fasting, and there are pilgrimages on which people go. But all these practices are not in a position to take the soul back to the Almighty. So even with great austerity and spiritual practices, these sages become yogis and yogeshwars. Yogeshwars, despite all their practices, are unable to cross the Brahm, the second or Causal Plane. Yogis are limited up to Sahasdal Kamal, which is the first level, the Astral Plane. They cannot go beyond without the Grace of the Masters. It is only with the Grace of the Masters that the soul is able to cross the Brahm, the Par Brahm, and then go to Sach Khand and into the Lap of God Almighty.

So, therefore, the Saints have these practices. Satsang is one of the very important practices. It is only with Satsang that the soul comes to know the Reality. It realizes the True Self.

Human life is like a very precious stone. It is after 84 lakh lives and births that the Almighty graces the soul with the life of a human birth. So, the Almighty has created this human form where everything that we see outside is all contained within the body. And He Himself also resides within. The Path to meet the Almighty, Who resides within, is shown and explained by the Masters during the Naam Daan.

So, we should take Naam and then practice the Teachings of the Master. We should at least sit for two and a half hours every day and, within that two and a half hours, we should do Dhyan for two hours and Bhajan for half an hour. So, when we sit regularly for two and a half hours every day, we get the Grace of the Masters and we also get some experiences within. It is only when we regularly practice that we get the Grace of the Master.

So, this early morning is a very good time, because this is the time when we have just woken up. Our minds are fresh. And, when the minds are fresh, we can do good meditation and Dhyan. So, as the day progresses, the mind becomes more active and there are lots of thoughts that come up within the mind and it does not continue to remain still. So, we should make the most of this time and we should close our eyes and do our meditation and Bhajan.